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Mai Soap Organic Pandan Multipurpose Mist/Hydrosol 100ml

Mai Soap


Mai Soap Multipurpose Pandan Mist with soft, pleasant pandan scent can be used as natural air freshener in car, bathroom, room, office and any confined place. It helps to lessen unpleasant odor and used as natural insect repellent such as ants and cockroach.

Remark: Colour and odor varies among batches due to purely handmade and organic ingredients.

In stock

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Introducing new Mai Soap Organic Multipurpose Pandan ist/hydrosol, slowly made with time and love. It took 6 hours to obtain 3L of pandan mist from steam distillation!

Pudding’s Artisans started making hydrosol due to her love for pandan fragrance. She also wishes to promote the beauty of local herbs and support local farmer in growing these herbs.

Pudding’s Artisans use aromatic organic pandan leaves from Mari Orchard at their freshest. Every drop consists of grassy vanilla scent made with long hours and patience. The water is first purified with eco enzyme before boiling with pandan leaves. After 6 hours, 3L of pure pandan hydrosol are produced from distillation before being packaged for you!

Use as an air refresher or natural insect repellent.

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Distilled water, Pandan Leaves from Mari Farm*, Eco Enzyme. *Organic ingredients

Shelf life

Best to use within 6 to 8 months for optimum freshness and smell