#02 Naturvital Florian Organic “Milk Thistle”, 330ml

Naturvital Florian


“Nurses” our liver back to health.

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“Nurses” our liver back to health.


Combination with the ability to identify injured cells and provide needed nutrients to “nurse” them back to health:


Milk thistle: Regenerates the liver

Proven to heal the liver cells from the toxic effects of the most poisonous mushroom known

  • Also effective against damaging effects of alcohol, fatty liver, toxins and certain medications
  • Reduce liver inflammation
  • Stimulate regeneration of liver cells and restore their function


Yarrow: Identify and prepares damaged cells for recovery

Contains a special glycoprotein that gathers at injured cells and stay there until they recover. This functions as a marking for effective delivery of nutrients to the area.



Naturally contains choline that is fundamental in the recovery liver especially fatty liver.



Suitable for those with liver issues, unhealthy lifestyle or long-term exposure to medications.


For better results, use in combination with #01 Naturvital Florian “Artichoke”.



  • Milk thistle seed from the Waldviertel: Waldviertel, located at the Northern Austria offers the unique sandy soil condition which stores energy from the sun and enhances the growth of premium milk thistle.
  • Added with choline to enhance the liver protecting effect: Choline is a vital nutrient to restore liver health by preventing fat build up around the liver.
  • Whole plants are used to harvest the wide spectrum of phytonutrients from herbs. No single extract. Fruits at highest maturation: Fruits harvested at their highest point of maturation have the optimum level of antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Organic quality: Certified organic by Austria Bio-Guaranties.
  • Only use pure, fresh water with high trace minerals from Alps for herbs infusion.
  • No alcohol, preservative, colouring, flavouring and thickening agent.



Red grape juice*, peach puree*, apple juice*, pomegranate juice*, chokeberry juice*, aronia*, herb infusion*(milk thistle, stinging nettle, roiboos, yarrow, artichoke, curcuma, dandelion), acerola*.

*Ingredients from certified organic cultivation


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Usage Instruction

Storage instruction
Store at cool dry place, avoid from direct sunlight. Refrigerate and consume within 12 days once opened.
Recommended consumption
Take 2 tablespoons or 30ml once or twice daily. Can be taken neat or dilute with water, Measuring cup is provided. You can combine with Artichoke plus for better effect. (Take Milk Thistle Plus in morning and take Artichoke plus in night.)
Shelf life
At least 18 months, varies batch to batch depend on natural properties of raw materials.

Dietary Choices

Peninsular Malaysia: within 5 working days; Sabah & Sarawak: within 7 working days.

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