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Naturvital Florian® #04: Organic Red Grape & Pomegranate, 330ml

Naturvital Florian


Contains plants known for blood “boosting”! “Ironfit”

Contains blood “boosting” nutrients like iron for blood building, folate for healthy growth of red blood cells and anthocyanins for blood maintenance. It also contains herbs like yarrow, couch grass and stinging nettle for kidney support and blood “cleansing”.

Very suitable for those who are always tired, ladies, pregnant and nursing mothers.

For better results, use in combination with #05 Naturvital Florian “Ginkgo & Pomegranate”.

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What makes us different?

Over 80 Years of Herbal Medicine

naturvital florian range bottle

A pioneer of the herbal medicine industry in Europe, Austrian company Naturvital Florian® has been dedicated to researching and developing various herbal remedies since 1934.

Remedies from Ancient Wisdom

Naturvital Florian ancient remedies

Inspired by therapeutic practices honed for thousands of years such as traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine and other ancient wisdom.

Herbs from Over 80 Varieties

meadow herbs

A comprehensive and diverse selection of organic herbs and spices-all rich in bioactive healing substances-are used, providing synergy effects that far surpass what a single extract could do on its own.

Fruits at their Fullest

NF ripe apricot

Fruits are chosen not merely for their taste, but more importantly, their healing properties. Various berries, apricots and red grapes-which are superfruits with the highest antioxidant levels-are used.

Not a single drop of water is added, but instead, juices and purees are extracted from only the ripest and freshest of fruits. This is because only fully-matured fruits have the highest amount of bioactive substances.

Completely Wholesome

nf image goji

Each part of a plant has a unique quality, so we strive to use every part of the herb or fruit. Using the entire plant provides more diverse nutrients compared to an extract from a single part of the plant.


  • Certified organic by Austria’s Bio-Garantie
  • Wholesome: WHOLE plants/fruits are used
  • Naturally liquid. More readily absorbed by the body than capsules or powder form
  • No water added: 100% direct pressed juice. NOT from concentrate
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No alcohol
  • No preservatives, colouring or flavouring
  • No thickeners
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Vegetarian/vegan friendly
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Red grape juice*, pomegranate juice*, peach puree*, acerola*, elderberry juice*, blackcurrant juice*, aronia juice*, blackberry juice*, herb infusion* (couch grass root, stinging nettle, horsetail, yarrow, verbena, roiboos).  * Ingredients are from certified organic cultivation.  

How to Use

Girls and women from 10 years old and onwards: 30ml per serving. 1 serving daily. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers: 40ml per serving. 1 serving daily.  Men: 20ml per serving, 1 serving daily.  Can be taken neat or dilute with water. Measuring cup is provided.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate and consume within 2 weeks once opened.

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Naturvital Florian® #04 Organic "Red Grape & Pomegranate" (Ironfit), 330ml ingredient pic


➊ Blood “boosting” nutrients:
• Iron: the building blocks of blood cells.
• Folate: Promotes healthy growth of blood cells.
• Anthocyanins: Keeps our blood healthy.

➋ Kidney-nourishing herbs:
a) Yarrow, b) Couch grass, c) Stinging Nettle
• Cleanses the blood.
• Supports healthy kidney function.


Recommended for:

• Anemia & low blood pressure
• Constant fatigue
• Pale & dull skin
• Poor sleep quality
• Hair loss
• Cold hands & feet
• Chest tightness & shortness of breath
• Menstruating ladies, pregnant and nursing mothers

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