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Why Not?® Chrysanthemum 有机菊花, 30g

Why Not?®


Clear heat & enhances vision

Liver & lung

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chrysanthemum is considered a cooling herb. It is used to treat the early stages of diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract, eyes, ears, nose, throat and skin.

Therefore, they are used to disperse wind, enhance vision, clear heat and remove harmful substances from the body.

Furthermore, by nourishing the liver, they can also help to improve visual acuity because the liver meridian is connected to the eyes and the visual ability mainly depends on the nourishment of the liver.

***Please keep refirgetrated to prevent spoilage 

***Store at a cool place away from heat

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Out of stock

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What Makes Us Different

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Looking for authentic Chinese herbs?

We keep it real:

    • Certified organic and FairWild
    • Geo-authentic (Di Dao)
    • 100% pure and unadulterated
    • Harvested sustainably and 100% traceable
    • Undergo rigorous safety and potency testing
    • No sulphur bleaching or fumigation
    • No heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, aflatoxin, etc
    • Nothing artificial!


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Curated by TCM experts, with 40 years of experience

Healers first, business second. Choosing real herbs that go beyond looks since 1979.


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Geo-authenticity (Di Dao)

Growing herbs where they grow best. 100% traceable to source.


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No sulphur fumigation, for real

Truly unsulphured and unbleached. Chemical preservatives not allowed!


Why Not? Chinese Herbs Testing

Rigorous testing, consistent results

Our herbs are tested for its purity and potency, being screened for almost 200 pesticides and heavy metals.


Also tested for quality in terms of cut size, colour and moisture content. Certified organic by CCOF and USDA, partially certified FairWild.


Chinese herbal soup

Herbal soup mixes for him, her and the family

Formulated by our TCM practitioner to meet the needs of modern lifestyles. For ladies, they tonify the Qi. For families, they give a boost to the immune system and energy.


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Bottlegourd – symbol for healers and good health

Traditionally used in ancient times by Chinese physicians to store medicinal herbs. It also signifies our strict requirements in selecting real herbs.


Why Not Organic Chinese Herbs


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 20 cm

Chrysanthemum flower* *Ingredients from certified organic farming

How to Cook

Add into your favourite soup recipes or boil and drink as tea.


Seal tightly and keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.


  1. Heat clearing and detoxifying
    • Symptoms of fever, headache, red painful eyes
  2. Improve visual health
    • Dry eyes, blurry vision
  3. Clears liver heat and soothes liver yang
    • “Overworked” liver
  4. Respiratory problems
    • Clear heat in the upper body
    • Common cold, upper respiratory infections
  5. Detoxification
    • Skin sores, abscess and toxic heat signs