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Earthist X Musees

Family Heritage, since 1957

Passed down from generations, Shirley and Ho’s family has been brewing handmade soy sauce for the past 60 over years. As third generation artisans, they set out on a flavour journey together to keep the ancient art of handmade soy sauce alive because just like art, museums and culture, the local artisans believe that good food deserves to be preserved.

Like Old Times

EARTHIST Soy Sauce is brewed traditionally in clay urns under the sun for at least 6 months.


Using real organic ingredients, EARTHIST First Draw Soy Sauce does not contain any additives or flavourings to temper with the taste and the speed of the fermentation process.

Only the finest

First draw means the first extraction of soy sauce after 6 months of brewing. Using 2 portions of soy sauce to 1 portion of water, resulting a thicker texture and fuller natural umami taste and aroma.

Flavour Elevator

The thick and full aroma is the perfect finishing on a dish, as a dip or as a natural seasoning to your soups.

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