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Sauce-ing up your home-cooked meals.

About LV SHI

旅食 [lv shi] go places and share about home-cooked, plant-based food with the community we meet along the way. Be amused by edible plants of all kinds, because we are!

Slow cooked, a healthier choice

Using really low temperatures (below 60 °C), LVSHI infuses the aromatics into the organic oils by slowly simmering them for long hours.

Good Ingredients for A Start

Determined on using only organic ingredients, LV SHI carefully selects the ingredients used in their sauces.

Enhancing But Not Overpowering

Slow cooked sauces produce delicate and gentler taste, which elevates the flavours of the dish without overpowering it.

For The Busy Bees

This handy, versatile sauce is simple to use – time saver for the busy bees who would still like to enjoy healthy home cooked food.

Encourage Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

LVSHI encourages you to return the cleaned glass jars after finishing that last bit of sauces. Simply clean them and drop them at your nearest Justlife outlet.

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