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Farm Foodies Fermented Beancurd (Spicy), 180g

Farm Foodies


Local and artisanal fermented beancurd from Farm Foodies-the fermentation experts!

Starting with local artisanal Yean beancurd fermented with Rejuvelac, Farm Foodies then further ferments it for months with its own cultivated koji rice.

The final fermented beancurd has a strong umami and amazing aged flavour, paired with mild sweetness, spicy flavour and a creamy feel.

Perfect for a side dish, or even a main one!

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Fermented beancurd or preserved tofu (腐乳) is a traditional Chinese condiment that improves a dish’s aroma while providing easily-digested protein.

Each variety of fermented bean curd has different flavours and specialty depending on the type of ingredients combination, starter and brine used.

So what’s so special about Farm Foodies’ fermented beancurd?

What Makes Us Different?

Yummy Yean Bean(curd)

farm foodies fermented beancurd drying 2

Farm Foodies uses local artisanal Yean beancurd which is fermented naturally using rejuvelac containing more nutrients and flavours.

The beancurd has a strong umami and amazing aged flavour, mild sweetness and spicy flavour with creamy mouth feel after fermentation.

Fermented with Japanese History

koji rice spiral

Farm Foodies cultivates its own fermented koji rice using a Koji starter (Aspergillus Oryzae) on Sunria pandan white rice.

This koji starter is made by “Hishiroku”, a 300-year old established fermented foods manufacturer based in Kyoto. Their Choukaku-kin variety of rice is more likely to maintain its white colour, making it suitable for koji rice.

This type of koji is also commonly used in white miso and sake production.

Fermented Alcohol-Free

Fermented Farm Foodies Tempeh and Beancurd

Most fermented beancurd are fermented using rice wine. Here at Farm Foodies, our artisanal fermented beancurd are fermented with zero rice wine or alcohol.

Instead, we use only cultivated koji rice, so that it can be enjoyed by children and all beancurd enthusiasts alike!


  • Organic ingredients
  • Made with cultivated koji rice from Sunria & well established koji producer Hishiroku
  • Made from local artisanal Rejuvelac tofu
  • Distinctive taste & easily digestible
  • Alcohol-free
  • Versatile & convenient

What are these white spots? Are they safe to eat?

ff tempeh beancurd white spots

White spots can appear on Farm Foodies’ fermented beancurd and tempeh.

But don’t worry, these white spots are actually naturally-occuring protein or amino acids!

During the fermentation process, a rich variety of amino acid is produced. Depending on the environment and storage, this can cause a concentration of amino acid to reaches saturation point and crystallize.

So rest assured, they are totally safe to eat!

Weight 0.18 kg

Yean Tofu*, Cayenne pepper*, Toasted sesame oil*, organic rice koji*, sea salt

Recommended Usage

Used as condiment for cooking, sauces making, marinades or simply mix into white porridge.


Store at cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Refrigerated after opening. 1 year shelf life.

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